Video for Social Media

Publishing content on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is great for promoting your business and products. We can create short promotional video snippets for use on social media, to convey your message and grab user’s attention. They can be designed in a square video resolution for mobile devices so the viewer does not need to rotate the screen to properly view the content.

The videos are kept very succinct to engage the viewer quickly and animated text is incorporated to help convey the message and give a call to action.

If you want short engaging content for use on social media, give us a call to see how we can help you.

“How-to” video snippets for social media

The snippets promote a series of “How-to” videos we created showing refurbishing a kitchen table, making a blackboard and an industrial table.

Airless Sprayer Product launch

We created these short snippet videos to launch a new Airless Sprayer and highlight the speed of application, coverage and typical spray painting applications.

If you have a product, service or content you want to promote via social media and a short video could help effectively deliver the message let us help you. We can create videos for Twitter, Facebook or Instagram which will make your audience engage with you. Get in contact so we can discuss your idea and we can make suggestions about what could be achieved.

Promoting Craig Phillips videos

These 10s snippets were created for use on Twitter and other social media platforms. They were used to promote videos of the child’s bedroom makeover by Craig Phillips to help drive traffic to watch the full videos on YouTube.

By promoting the videos it created momentum which lead to organic views and viewer interaction with likes, channel subscription, shares, and comments. This increased the videos being recommended by YouTube and Google. The Craig Phillips videos of the child’s bedroom makeover have now had in excess of 150,000+ views.

If you would like to discuss your requirements for social media video in more detail, please get in touch.