Industry, tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts around the world have relied on an innovative range of products used for painting, decorating and home improvement from WAGNER for more than 70 years.

Whether it is paint sprayers for painting wood, metal, walls or ceilings, heat guns for rapid paint removal or wallpaper steamers, they produce and supply market leading products.

Wagner GmbH is part of the WAGNER Group, which operates globally and has approximately 1,600 employees.

Wagner Zeppelin


Product Photography

Wagner wanted to launch a new electric paint sprayer for the consumer market for projects in their gardens. The product needed to address the following requirements:

  • Typical garden painting tasks which are necessary but often neglected
  • Painting applications including fences, sheds, decking and garden furniture.
  • Speed and ease of application
  • Perceived barriers associated with spraying

All of which need to be compared to traditional methods of applying paint.


A concept was developed using before and after images of sheds, fences, decking and garden furniture, showing transformation of outside spaces bringing them back to life.

Product photography

A fence panel challenge video was produced comparing applying paint with a brush, pump and electric sprayer. Tips & tricks, accessory usage and cleaning videos were also created.

The speed of application was shown with a 6ft (1.8m) fence panel, which is easy to relate to and can be sprayed in under 2 minutes.

New packaging with a complimentary flyer highlighting the quickest and easiest way to renovate, update or change colours in a garden were designed.

The concept was communicated across social media, in retail and at events to differentiate electric spraying from competitors application methods.

Graphic Design


Product Video production

The product concept was endorsed and listed by Amazon, Argos, B&Q, Brewers, Screwfix, The Range, Toolstation, Wickes and Woodie’s and went on to become the bestselling sprayer for Wagner in the UK.

The collection of Fence Challenge videos on YouTube have now exceeded 30,000 views.

The packaging and videos helped break down the barriers which users typically associate with sprayers by covering how to setup, use and clean the sprayer as well as what paint types to use. This helped to better inform customers and has led to the product receiving an average of 4.8 out of 5.0 star reviews.

Users now experience the superior quality coverage which spraying provides and appreciating the better surface protection, which lasts. This has made customers more receptive to consider the premium range of Wagner Flexio Universal sprayers for interior and exterior use.

product packaging design
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