Product Video

Product videos enable you to demonstrate concepts, explain how to use a product or to highlight key product features.

We produce videos focused on Power Tools, DIY & Trade products.

To research or understand how to use a product people use YouTube which is now the world’s second most used search engine. Cisco has stated that video traffic will comprise 81% of all web traffic by 2022*.

Engaging, entertaining and informative videos keep viewers watching and gain the most traction on YouTube. The more Likes and Shares, the more YouTube will promote the video to achieve an even wider audience.

The production value for how a video is shot, edited and the content presented are key factors in keeping an audience engaged.

Consumers now have very high levels of expectation for the quality of audio and visual content which they are prepared to watch.

We pride ourselves on creating high-quality, effective product videos working in real-world environments which viewers can relate to and therefore easily understand the typical uses of a product

Video Production for Craig Phillips

Craig Phillips shows you the best and fastest way of painting various items around the garden including a summer house, fences, shed, trellis, bench and metal table and chairs. The video was created for Wagner to be used during their shows for the TV shopping channel QVC. He tackles all of the painting jobs that would normally take hours if not days with a paintbrush but using his handheld paint sprayer within less than two days he has completely done the entire garden makeover.

We worked closely with Craig Phillips, the original winner of Big Brother, to plan, direct and edit a series of videos of a child’s bedroom makeover. The videos showed him spraying walls, ceilings, up-cycling furniture, applying stencils and even building a car bed.

Social media video edits were created for use on Twitter and other social platforms. These were used to promote the main videos which have now generated well in excess of 3 million views on the client’s YouTube Channel.

Adobe Premiere editing software | Adobe AfterEffects

Action Product Photography montage

“How-to” Videos

We created a series of “How to” videos showing making an industrial table, blackboard and a kitchen table refurbishment. These videos show all the steps for each project and give the viewer inspiration to try the project themselves.

Canon DSLR | Crane 2 gimbal | Adobe Premiere editing software | Adobe After Effects

Fence & Decking Sprayer

This promotional video was created for Wagner to highlight how their Fence and Decking sprayer can be used to quickly spray all types of wooden fencing from closeboard fence panels, traditional lap fence panels and also trellis. The video shows the process of cleaning, fixing any damage and then masking the fences ready for spraying to achieve a great finish which both looks great and will lasts for years to come.

Fence & Decking Sprayer

Wagner required a video to demonstrate how to use their Fence and Decking sprayer to restore a shed and bring it back to life with a new coat of wood stain. The video goes through all the steps to clean, restore and spray the shed with a fresh coating. Painting a shed, particularly a large one, is time-consuming and difficult with a brush but the video highlights that the work can be completed faster and with a professional finish using the WAGNER electric Fence and Decking sprayer.

SF23 Plus HEA

Paintshack required a job-site video showing their Caparol Nespri heated paint spraying system in action. We planned a video shoot for re-spraying the exterior walls of a residential property. This included showing the steps involved in the surface preparation for filling, sanding and masking.

Painting exterior walls can be time-consuming and difficult with a brush and roller but the job can be completed much quicker and far more easily with an Airless paint sprayer, this video clearly demonstrates the speed of application.

Canon DSLR | Adobe Premiere editing software

Control 150 M Airless

This series of videos shows the Control 150 M high-efficiency airless paint sprayer as the ideal solution for DIY enthusiasts who want to achieve a perfect paint finish.

The videos cover the key product features, including set up, spraying and cleaning.

This has generated positive comments and interactions from potential customers on social media. This includes a high proportion of likes on Youtube making it a recommended video which has further increased the video’s reach and promotion of the product for the client.

Canon DSLR | Adobe Premiere editing software

Crown Product Video

This Wagner product video shows respraying the 5300 sq ft front of the Crown HQ in Dublin. The large rough cast surface would have been very difficult and time consuming to roller or brush. This product video highlights that with an airless sprayer the surface can be given its first coat in a day using 250Ltrs of paint. Filming had to keep up with the fast-paced spraying – there was no rehearsal and the spraying team were working against the clock.

Canon DSLR | Adobe Premiere editing software

Product Video – Spraying

This product video demonstrates how the Wagner fence and decking sprayer is the quickest way to apply paint to fences and achieve a superior surface.

A fence panel painting race was set up to show applying paint with a brush, manual pump sprayer and the Wagner electric sprayer.

In addition to the race, other videos were produced showing tips & tricks, accessory usage and cleaning the product.

Canon DSLR | Adobe Premiere editing software

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