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Whether for construction or decorating – tesa offer high-quality adhesive tapes for the many different requirements of professional tradespeople. tesa masking tapes can provide razor sharp paint edges or minimise the impact of any accidental paint spillages.

It was essential for us to produce content that properly represents this high standard of finish.

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What Services tesa Needed

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tesa required photography and video to promote their newly released line of masking tapes aimed at decorators who use spray paint machines.

For this line of specialist work, tradespeople demand the highest quality tools and materials. When talking to the trades the production has to be upfront and realistic, which is exactly what we specialise in at Demand.

Product video for launch of new range of masking tapes aimed at decorators using spray paint machines.

Video Production

This video is the first in a series of videos created for tesa tape’s new line of masking tape for decorators who use spray paint machines.


Images were captured in parallel with the video work by being able to quickly change between the two. This requires careful planning to ensure that we capture everything needed to create the video and photography while minimising or completely avoiding duplicating the work.

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