Painting a brickwork and breeze block warehouse using an airless paint sprayer gets the job done quickly.

Our client John Kerry, a painter & decorator based in Middlesbrough, wanted a video to show their approach to repainting a highly textured surface for a new accident repair centre. Demand Marketing were unable to travel to this particular location, so on this occasion John was able to get one of his team to film the content, leaving Demand to edit it together.

In the video we cover John using an airless paint sprayer which is a diaphragm pump machine. The machine comes with a direct suction hose or can be used with a hopper. John chose the larger 20 litre hopper for ease of refilling, changing paint types and cleaning the sprayer. The hopper also makes it mobile when he did want to move the machine about the site.

John shows the coverage he can achieve and made sure he overlapped each pass by about 30-50%, effectively giving two coats of paint at a time. The bottom half of the wall was painted in a grey colour and above it was given a coat of white paint. The job from start to finish was completed in 5 days.

If you are a decorator that wants to promote your business, we can help you. If you also need videos produced but are not sure where to start, please get in contact.

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