Window boxes are great for displaying flowers and plants. As they are made from wood or metal they will need repainting every few years to keep them looking good and to protect them from the elements.

Our client Wagner wanted a step-by-step video guide for restoring and then spray painting window boxes.

In this video we cover taking some old outdoor aluminium window boxes which have been neglected for years and are in a poor state. Painting them with a brush or roller would be difficult to get into all the corners and edges and achieve a smooth application of paint without visible brush or roller marks. Using a paint sprayer speeds up the application time and achieves a factory finish, making them look like new again.

Start by giving the window boxes a thorough clean by first brushing off any dirt or debris. Using washing up liquid and plenty of warm water, wash the window boxes with a sponge then rinse with cold water and leave to dry.

Sand down the surface to remove any loose or flaky paint using either an electric sander or sandpaper. This flattens the surface, removes old loose paint, and gives a key for the new paint to adhere to. Now wipe off any dust using a dust cloth.

Open the paint tins and give them a good stir with the included stirring stick. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the liquid to dilute the paint. Each notch on the stirrer corresponds to a 10% dilution. Add the appropriate liquid and mix again testing again for trails. Repeat the process if needed then fill the spray paint container with material.

Test spray onto cardboard to check your spray pattern, perform a test spray onto a scrap of cardboard to find the right settings for you and to get the spray pattern just right. Start with the lowest paint flow setting and gradually increase it to your desired paint flow.

Lay down dust sheets on a suitable surface so you can start your spraying. Turn the window boxes upside down and using the horizontal spray setting, spray primer onto the bottom of the window boxes. Then spray the sides using the vertical spray setting. After they have dried, turn the window boxes over and spray the inside using the detailed precise spray setting to get into the corners and edges.

Once you have completed the primer coat, return any of the unused primer to the original tin and clean out the spray paint container. Then fill the spray attachment with the black top coat after preparing the paint as before.

Follow the spray procedure to apply the metal paint top coat. Allow the paint to dry following the paint manufacturer’s instructions.

Once you have added some fresh flowers or plants, the window boxes will brighten up your house or apartment windows and add real curb appeal.

That was the content required for this spray painted window boxes video, if you also need videos produced but are not sure where to start, we can help.

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