Do you want to see the process for painting garage Ledge & Brace doors? This video shows you all the steps to get a great finish that will last.

Colin Bidwell from Paintshack wanted a video to demonstrate the process they go through to paint customer’s doors – in this case, a trio of ledge and brace garage doors.

In the video we capture all the steps to show the correct way to tackle this painting task. Exterior ledge and brace doors are notoriously difficult to paint, particularly if you are doing three doors with four coats of paint on both sides.

Paintshack’s client wanted a high-end, black gloss finish which needs four coats of paint to properly protect them against the weather. Colin chose to use the Wagner FineCoat 9900 Plus HVLP paint sprayer.

The first coat was a primer, knot sealer product to prevent any bleed from the knots in the doors. Then a black primer was applied and allowed to dry. Any holes in the doors were then filled, once dried they were sanded ready for the next paint application. This was another black undercoat, once this was dry the doors were keyed and the final black top coat was then sprayed to finish the doors.

Colin commented, “Typically, painting a door like this with a brush, particularly a ledge and brace one takes about 20 mins per side including a little prep. As there were two sides per door with four coats of paint, the actual paint application using a brush would have taken me approximately five hours”. Colin managed to spray the four coats of paint on both sides in just over an hour using the FineCoat 9900 Plus  HVLP sprayer.

He added “The drying time is also a lot quicker. The paint was kept warm before it is sprayed, and you apply just the right amount of paint to cover the surface. Therefore, the time it takes to dry between coats is significantly reduced. This makes a massive difference to the amount of time which the entire job takes to complete. This allows me to complete the job quicker and the customer to receive their doors back sooner, meaning everybody is happy”

That was the content required for this video, if you also need videos produced but are not sure where to start, we can help.

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