We will show you the all the steps you need to consider to easily paint a garden table and chairs and quickly get them looking new again.

Our client Wagner wanted a video about painting a metal garden dining set using an HVLP paint sprayer.

The video covers all the steps involved. Start by giving your garden furniture a thorough clean. Using washing up liquid and plenty of warm water, wash the surface with a sponge or soft-bristle brush then rinse with cold water and leave it to dry. Depending on how dirty the table and chairs are, a jet washer can really speed up this process.

If the paint is flaking off, remove as much as you can with a wire brush (we would recommend wearing gloves). Methodically work your way round the table top and legs, not forgetting the underneath, and then repeat the process with each of the chairs. Finish by using sandpaper to flatten any raised areas of paint. This will ensure an even, smooth finish when you apply the paint. Remove any dust by washing the surface again or dust down with a soft-bristle brush and microfibre cloth. We are restoring an aluminium table and chairs, if yours is cast iron, you might also need to remove any rust. Fill the spray attachment with paint. Turn the chair upside down and start by spraying the inside of the legs and the underside of the seat using the detailed spray setting. Then turn the chair over and spray the legs followed by the seat and then the front and back of the backrest.

Turn the table over and spray the legs using the detailed spray setting then change the spray setting to horizontal and spray the underneath of the table. Turn the table over and change back to the detailed spray setting and spray the legs before once again using the horizontal spray pattern to spray the table top. You will notice that the paint easily covers the entire surface, reaching all of the details in the table pattern.

After the paint has had sufficient time to dry, consider giving the table and chairs a second coat of paint. As it is so quick and easy to spray the paint, it is worthwhile applying a second coat so the surface has the ultimate protection for years to come.

That is the content required for how to spray paint metal garden furniture for this video, if you also need videos produced but are not sure where to start, we can help.

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