Our client Wagner wanted a video showing how to setup, use, clean and maintain their Fence & Decking Sprayer presented by their brand ambassador, Craig Phillips.

In the video we highlight the importance of painting fences, decking, sheds and garden furniture to maintain them and make them last and to keep them looking good. Anyone who has tackled this job with a paint brush will know how time consuming and difficult it can be. However, painting them can be completed quickly and easily using the Wagner electric Fence and Decking sprayer.

In the video, Craig shows what is included with the sprayer, how to detach the handle to quickly change paint, refill or clean the gun amongst other top tips. He also explains about water and solvent-based paints with how to dilute them and carry out a test spray onto an old scrap of cardboard. Craig explains the importance of the feed tube which can be aligned depending on whether you are spraying downwards or spraying above you as well as how to change the spray pattern. Craig also covers clean up – when you’ve finished your project, you simply empty the contents of the container back into the original paint pot then spray through water or solvent cleaner (depending on paint tpe) until clear. He shows how to dismantle the gun to clean the components, dry, lubricate and re-assemble the machine.

That was the content required for this How-to video with Craig Phillips, if you also need videos produced but are not sure where to start, we can help.

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