Our client Q1 wanted a video demonstrating how to mask up a room so that the walls and ceilings could be sprayed different colours using an airless paint sprayer.

In the video Ben shows how to mask and prepare walls and ceilings before spraying them different colours in a new extension. He does not yet have any furniture to remove before spray painting so this makes it easier. He still needs to cover the windows, doors, sockets, switches and the floor. Since he will apply the paint with an airless sprayer, the correct masking technique is essential. Ben uses masking film with integrated masking tape. He applies this along the top edge of the window, folds out the film and covers the side and bottom edges with some additional masking tape. The masking tape must seal the film along its entire length to ensure it doesn’t move when sprayed.

Ben first coats the ceiling and walls with white paint. Ben then masks the ceiling to then spray the wall in a beige colour. Ben wants to create a homely and comfortable feel in the room. As with conventional paint rollers, a colour change with an airless sprayer requires intermediate cleaning. First, the paint that is still in the device is returned to the paint bucket and then it is cleaned out. Ben transfers the machine to the next colour paint and is soon ready to go. First, Ben applies the beige paint in the corners. This is also where another great advantage of spraying comes into play – there’s no need to prepare or cut in the corners and edges with a brush so the wall surfaces are finished in next to no time. Once the paint has been allowed to dry briefly the masking can be removed. Ben removes the film from the windows and ceiling to reveal the finished room.

That was the content required for this video, if you also need videos produced but are not sure where to start, we can help.

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