This video shows Caparol filler with glass fibre fleece being applied to walls to prevent warehouse shrinkage cracks.

Caparol wanted a video to show the process of applying their filler products being used with fibre fleece on a newly built warehouse. The process smooths rough surfaces and ensures the walls do not suffer from shrinkage cracks as the new building settles. The main concern was the walls were going to have permanent racking constructed in front of them. This meant any future repair of the walls was going to be difficult to achieve without a substantial amount of upheaval.

The process to apply the glass fibre fleece to the walls was shown as follows. Filler is first sprayed onto a firm, dry and clean surface. Areas that are not to be sprayed are masked up then sufficient filler is applied, by spraying the wall, for three drops of the fleece at a time (approximately 3m of wall).

The fleece strips are then applied to the surface using a stainless-steel smoothing trowel, blade or spatula by pressing the fleece into the filler whilst smoothing the surface. Any surplus fleece material around skirting or windows is cut and discarded. The next strip is hung with an overlap of approximately 5 cm and pressed down to the seam area. A double seam is then cut, removing the surplus fleece and pressing the seam area lightly. The filler is then smoothed on the seamed area. Once the first coat of filler plaster has dried, any raised areas can be sanded back.

Finally a second coat of filler was sprayed across the entire surface. After the filler is dry it is sanded to a perfectly smooth finish.

The finish can either be left as its natural white or can be sprayed with emulsion paint to any colour.

That was the content required for this video to explain applying Caparol filler with glass fibre fleece, if you also need videos produced but are not sure where to start, we can help.

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