For painters, emulsion paints are probably the most commonly used working material.

Our client Wagner wanted a video to show the advantages of spraying emulsion paint rather than applying with traditional paint brushes and rollers.

In the video we demonstrate that the more surface area that needs to be renovated or recoated, the more time, energy and material can be saved if the paint is applied with a Wagner airless paint sprayer instead of brushes and rollers. The video provides information for painters and decorators about what they need so they can spray emulsion paint efficiently and precisely.

Interior emulsion has many areas of application, by spraying emulsion you save time and walls are coated very quickly. The larger the area to be coated, the easier it is to work with an airless paint sprayer. Thanks to the speed, precision and the elimination of the frequent carrying of the paint containers, you save all the more time, energy and material.

That was the content required for this video, if you also need videos produced but don’t know where to start, we can help.

Take a look at videos we have created for other clients where they have saved money by sharing the production costs with complementary products and brands on the same film set:

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