If you have wood, MDF or metal cupboards the surface needs protecting with a coat of paint. Trevor from TJ Painting and Decorating Services shows how it is done.

Our client Trevor Mangan from TJ Painting and Decorating Services wanted a video to highlight the steps he takes to paint MDF cupboard doors.

In the video we cover how to give cupboard doors a fresh coat of paint. Painting cupboards is a job that most customers like to leave to a professional, because with furniture like MDF or wooden cupboards, it is important to achieve a perfect finish when they are painted.

Working with a paint sprayer you can paint much faster than with a paint roller and brush especially if you want to apply many thin layers of paint. With the wet-on-wet spraying technique this is done in one go and you do not have to wait for drying times between coats. Simply spray on a second coat of paint and the cupboards and furniture will be completely painted.

We joined Trevor on location in a compact bedroom to plan and capture the video. Shots were worked out on-site while the spraying work got under way.

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